To all of those who attended the opening of my solo show at Alan Avery Art Company, Thank you so much!

To all of you who sent well wishes, Thank you so much too!

I delivered 31 new pieces to the gallery for this show, all painted in 2019.  Six of them are in excess of 20 sqft, and five more in excess of 15 sqft.  Pre-sales were brisk, and while openings are not the best sale days, we had a number of them even on a rainy night in Georgia.   Toward that, as always, I truly appreciate the kind support from all my established and new collectors.  You make the world spin for me.

To all those new friends I met last night, thanks for the insightful questions and lively dialogue.  Please follow-up with me as we discussed so that we can continue to chat.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to Alan, Benjamin and Amy of the gallery.  I know there are so many moving parts involved in producing a show like this.  I sincerely appreciate all your hard work and kind attention.  I hope it yields the benefits for you that you deserve.

Be well, everyone.